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Schedule & Pricing

  • Shinpi Karasu Ryu Karate: $100/month

    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-9pm​

    • Advanced class: Saturday, 2:30 - 4:00pm

All prospective students are welcome to watch and try a class or two for free before joining.

Classes in our karate system cost $100/month.  This fee includes a General Membership at the Ryushinkan Dojo where our program is hosted.  This will grant you access to take classes in additional martial arts with other instructors.

Additional classes currently offered in the General Membership:

  • Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu (Japanese sword) with Dan Keupp, menkyo kaiden

  • Shindokan Aikijujutsu with Dan Keupp, shihan

Click here to see a complete schedule of the classes included in the Ryushinkan Dojo General Membership.


This is a traditional dojo, and as such we're a little different in how we approach things.  Our primary mission is to pass on traditional martial arts knowledge.

We study the science and subtleties of the arts.  History and anatomy are important concerns.  Passing on the art is more important than the individual, the teacher, or the group.  My goal is to give this knowledge to the next generation, and it's a privilege for all of us to be a part of it, me included.

Our pursuit is deeply martial, but also scholarly and historical.  It's a discipline for both the body and mind.  We accept all sincere students (14 or older) and welcome you to join us.  If this sounds good, please contact me to set up a time to chat.

--Ben Couch, Chief Instructor

Shiho Nage throw
Black Belt Test
Traditional karate strike
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